Decorative concrete Flatwork

Decorative concrete Flatwork

Stunning & Economical

For garages and basements, walkways and driveways, patios and steps, decorative concrete flatwork is often the installation of choice. It’s significantly less expensive than stone or brick masonry, and increasing options and expertise in finishing are allowing it to compete aesthetically. Using concrete stains or dyes, a contractor can make your concrete flatwork look like almost any material, including hardwood.

Not All Concrete Flatwork is Created Equal

This is true of both its structural integrity and decorative function. Premium quality concrete requires precisely mixing aggregates, rapid delivery to ensure proper curing, and delicate application techniques to achieve a durable finish. Various methods will produce different kinds of finishing. Smoother finishes should be saved for indoors. Smooth concrete can be slippery when wet. Brush-textured concrete is better for exterior flatwork. Count on OR.CONCRETE to get the job done right.

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