Pre-Cast Concrete

Utilizing the industry’s most advanced materials and methods, precast concrete is an environmentally friendly solution to the modern buildings needs. Consisting of some of earths most basic materials, earth and sand; Furniture pieces, counter tops, sinks, planters, firepits, and more can all be transformed into functional art of wide array.

Pre-Cast Concrete Applications

The use of concrete as an interior design element has forged it’s foothold in both the residential and commercial building industry for over the last 20 years and has earned its place as many people’s favorite not only for its aesthetic appeal, but for its durability, and moldability material used as an environmentally friendly solution to many architectural needs. Virtually limitless in design, precast concrete uses include the creation of interior and exterior concrete furniture, concrete sinks, precast fireplace hearths, precast fire pits, and much more.

Precast Concrete Counter Top Slabs

Concrete precast countertops are a great way to make a bold statement on any project! Solid, permanent and constructed of highly advanced, and consciously sourced materials, primarily from the earth; the clean, blocky character of the concrete counter top can be recognized from across the room.

In addition to it’s aesthetic appeal, modern concrete countertops are characterized by durability, strength, and even the ability to flex to a certain degree. Resilient to install and handling abuse, not only do concrete countertops typically stand up to vibration and uneven surfaces better than other materials, concrete countertops can also be easily repaired. Utilizing the same materials and mix design used to create the countertop slab, the damaged void of a countertop edge can be refilled and tooled to match in finish and color.

Modern Concrete Planters

Add a whole new level of aesthetic appeal with the elegance and permanence of concrete planters. Available in a variety of sizes; our decorative precast concrete planters are designed for residential and commercial use alike. Small enough for common ornamental house plants and large enough for smaller ornamental variety of trees, our blocky ‘pots have your fauna containment needs covered!

.In addition to precast concrete planters being superior in quality and strength to site-poured concrete planters; precast planters are manufactured off-site, and take very little out of the schedule at time of delivery.